Wednesday, December 31, 2008


photo by Stefa Zozokovich

I'm awful about tagging. I'm sure those of you who have tagged me realize that. I always put them off and eventually forget the mental notes I make. Here are two that I found while looking at past comments.

I've been tagged by both Lu Yi and Poeta Fit Non Nascitur to list six things about myself. One list being random and the other a list of things that bring me happiness


1. I make emotional attachments to my records.
2. I sleep with my grandpa's rosary under my pillow. Upon waking I sometimes find that it is protectivly clutched in my hand.

3. I have a dried bouquet of white roses that my father gave me on my sixteenth birthday.

4. My dream was to be a model when I was little girl. I figured I'd be an art teacher (like my mom) when I retired. Now I'm 5'3" and have bothersom knees do to a vitamin D deficiency.

5. My favorite time of day is twilight. I'm always enchanted by the wave of bright, bold blue that casts it's hue. It looks like world is swallowed in the ocean.

6. I love watching flocks of crows. Any scavenger birds fascinate me.

Happiness is:

1....waking up to hear the null, steady pattern of rain in the morning.

2...the first snow fall of the year. It was beautiful. I love the black damp trees limbs outlined by the constellations of snow.

3...listening to Blonde Redhead's Misery is a butterfly for last month or two. It's magic.

4...being lost in the creation of a song. I haven't been too confident about my music until this year. Now nothing compares to happiness I feel when I'm satisfied with my creations. I don't think I'm amazing but I enjoy it.

5...working in my scrapbook. Mine started out as a place for photos that aren't wonderful but have some appeal to me. I usually end up painting on them. The process has become incredibly personel and emotional.

6...laying on the floor while listening to music and letting myself get lost in a dream world. It's like sleeping while hearing every lyric and insturment. I've even cried to Nick Cave, Alice In Chains and Cat Power there.


Anonymous said...

I love twilight as well. There is something so magic about dusk. It is the only time when I feel real, properly full of energy, it's when I am at my most craetive and I just love it.
Also, your dried roses sound magnificent. There is something so decedent about old flowers, especially when they still smell.
Also, I think my love of music probably overides my love of art, becuase it's constant and always with me.

PH said...

I lie on the floor listening to my music too!

I really enjoyed reading this; you have a very vivid writing style. :)--the best is when you're driving behind a flock of crows, and they dip up and down...I love that.

Thank you so much for all of your comments--I'm closing down my blog for now to try and submit some of my stories. I think having them posted on a blog might constitute being published, so...wish me luck there!

Happy New Year. I hope we get to see some pages from your scrap book...

Anonymous said...

love the new header photo!

deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous images and gorgeous header! Happy New Year, babe!

no wow said...

this list made me smile =)

molly said...

twilight is my favourite time of day too...i love it.
and that jellyfish picture is way too cool
looking forward to a black mountain post for sure!!