Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cotton Candy Girls

I see a lot of girls come in at work with cotton candy colored hair.  Some have pink streaks.  One girl cleverly paired her pink with turquoise earrings.  Others have the bottom inches of their long dark hair colored blue, like it was dipped in the ocean and changed forever.  I always complement these girls and admire the way some of them choose their clothing.  I think it must be fun to complement your funky hair color with your clothes.  I don't like to coordinate (match), so complementary coloring is something I find appealing.

For many years I've wanted to dye mine with cobalt blue streaks.  But, my hair is very dark and curly.  So curls + bleach = frizz problem.  I do embrace my level of frizz as it is, sort of Klimt-ian. I can control it at times, and I love my mane, but I don't want to create dead, dry frizz.  Is there any way for me to get my bright blue streak without bleach?  I'm still investigating...

anna tsuchiya

*photo sources unknown


Zarna said...

loving all of their hair!

A Timely Mystique said...

My hair is eternally off its kilter and a few months ago I dyed the tips purple :) The rich color only lasted about a week or two but I let it fade to ombre and then got a haircut. Good remedy for the frizz was chopping it off :) I say go for it! You only live once.

This is Anastasiya (Stacey) btw. I used to contribute blog entries for FP! I commented on your other blog (My Moleskine) back when I created my own blog after your suggestion planted the idea in my head ( though I'm not sure if you still use it!

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