Saturday, August 20, 2011

Galaxies Fall Down Like Sheets

I'm not really the science type.  Of course I respect science and people who can decode and understand it's intricacies.  Remembering molecular structures just is not my forte.  I used to think that outer space was not my kind of place either--mysterious happenings, light speed, and no oxygen.  Yikes!  But, in a college science class I found myself wanting to rip the pages out of my text book (I didn't.  Selling it was a better idea.)  The exploding galaxies, cloudy stardust, and the prism of colours enchanted me.  Clearly, all this has enchanged Shabd Simon Alexander as well. 

Simon-Alexander is the designer behind Shabd is My Name.  She uses tie dye techniques to replicate exploding stars, dwarf galaxies, and stardust in patterns that Ziggy would have definitely worn on stage.  She even names them after galactic structures, Aurora, Nebula.  Shabd, let's hang out.

Check out her secret on Matha Stewart.

The result:

*photos courtesy of NASA

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