Saturday, February 19, 2011



During this time of year, getting dressed in my neck of the woods becomes severely boring.  I've gotten over my winter wonder.  Snow is beautfil, it can shut your world down and give you a long weekend, but it gets old.  For me, getting dressed gets old.  I tend to be colder than most people, so my coat, my manish black leather jacket, and my fuzzy cat hat stay on all day.  Underneath, I usually have a tunic or tee dress with leggings.  Leggings are great, but for me they've turned into a lazy garment.  When it's cold, I don't want to get out of bed.  Waking up warm is much more pleasant.  Some days, I may be overwhelmed by my schedule (though it always works out) and I just don't want to move.  I let the minutes pass until I have about  30 left to get out the door.  Throw on leggings, a long tee with a tank underneath, whatever jewelry suits my fancy, and maybe denim shorts.  Then comes my jacket, hat, scarf of choice, leather satchel, and everyday boots.  To end this rant, the cold makes me lazy and bored.  So, here is some layering inspiration that is more exciting than my usual look. 


sea of shoes




woah! that necklace is insane!!

Christina Sanders said...

This is exactly how I would love to be able to dress. I don't think I could ever make it work, but I can still dream!

Christina x

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