Monday, February 14, 2011

Reasons no to Bemoan Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day isn’t just about your significant other…it’s a celebration of all the things we love in life- even the simplest things. 
 -by Julia at Free People

A Free People employee posted this on the company's blog.  Every year, this is the way I look at Valentine's Day.  I was raised by a mother so loving she went to cheesy extremes.  I got love notes in my lunch even though I would see her  mere hours later (and for some of my schooling she was the art teacher at my school).  On this particular day there were heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, a heart shaped sandwich in my lunch, and we ate dinner on heart shaped placemats. 

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love, not be bemaon being single, start dating just to have someone for the holiday, or go to extremes.  A topic for one of my freshman essays in college was "Valetines Day is the Worst of All Holidays."  My professor, someone whom I will never forget, simply gave us the topic and told us to write.  I expanded on the above two reasons, and concluded my essay stating that no other holiday, Hallmark or otherwise, causes a mass suicide.  Each year, lonely individuals make a pact over the internet and chose to leave this world on this very day.

So remember, love you mother, father, significant other, friends, neighbors, cats, dogs, goldfish and the simple pleasures that deserve bounds of thankfullness.

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Christina Sanders said...

This was so lovely to read. I find it so depressing when people say they hate valentines day. How can anyone hate a celebration of love!
Christina x

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