Monday, February 7, 2011



Typically, people think that short, shiny, and tight are the key components of sexy.  I find leaving little challenge to the imagination of others too much.  To me neutrals, especially on tan complexions and beyond, are quite sexy.  There's a slyness about wearing clothing that is almost, or exactly, a match to your complexion.  The drapeyer, the better.

This doesn't only extend to the oatmeal and blushy shades seen in fashion's recent rotation.  On a finale episode of The Fashion Show Iman looked stunning in a gown that was a sienna shade of earthen clay (well, she always looks stunning, but I digress). 

Sand, mushroom, various soils, and rocks all lend themselves to color inspiration.  With this, I factor in other natural wonders.  I see neutral clothing, especially my favorite t-shirts and dresses, as canvas' for my statement jewelry.  Oatmeal with lapiz lazuli, blush/pale rose with coral, chocolate brown with black gold jasper.  There are so many possibilities.  These are just my pairing preferences. 

Aside from complexion complementing neutrals there's nothing like pewter grey paired with turquoise, but I'll save that for another post.

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