Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Tori Amos through the eyes of David Mack.  Mack is an artist known for his graphic novels as well as Paul McCartney album art.  On Saturday I stopped in Comics and More and flipped through an issue of Mack's Kabuki.  I might pick it up tomorrow.

Although I like graphic novels, and I wanted to be a graphic novel artist for several years growing up, I'm quite picky.  If the art doesn't agree with my visual instincts, I don't want to read it.  (Perhaps that is shallow, but it is true about me.)  The new comics that are created purely with digits and photoshop do not catch my interest.  Although someone's hand guided a computer mouse (or drew each page on a tablet) I feel no beating heart in the drawing.  I love ink.  At the age of twelve I started using a real, classic style ink pen to draw.  There's just something about the ink, the thick flow like blood, that gives a well drawn image heart. 

These days, now that I'm busier and don't spend on hours drawing or painting, I use Pilot V5 pens.  The V5 is perfect for my creative disciplines - writing and sketching here and there.

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