Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I can show you all my wares"

I've been waiting for years to do something with this black crochet collar.  I removed it from an old Hennes (the 'H' in H&M) sweater.  It has added a slightly whimsical/gothic lolita feel to my grey tunic tank.  Perfect for leggings.  I haven't worn pants in months, so dresses, skirts, and leggings are my primary outifit pieces these days.

I bought this tie dyed t-shirt at a thrift store.  Something about it as a big tee just didn't work, so one night I turned it into a tunic length tank dress.

These Nine West shoes are my new love.  I purchased them second hand in a congac color, then spray painted them gold.  I then rubbed them with paint thinner to take away from the total circus vibe.  Now their a little cracked and the deep congac leather shows through. 

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