Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blood on Blood

You know I love anime and manga.  Lately, I've been reading and watching Nana

The music for the anime is amazing.  Anna Tsuchiya's voice captrues Nana's onstage emotions, often making me cry.  Olivia Lufkin's beautiful voice embodies Reira's beauty and longing.  Plus, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (both of GnR) provided the rhythm section for the anime's theme.

As far as the manga, I'm up to volume 19.  I know Ai Yazawa (the writer and artist) has put the series on hold for over a year, so I'm reluctant to read up to the cliffhanger that is volume 22.  The story is a moving examination of relationships.  More than anything, it is an illustration of lonliness.  Each character seeks fulfillment in relationships, in success, even in becoming the biggest band in Japan. 

Check out one of Anna Tsuchiya's tear-jerking songs below, "Blood on Blood."

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