Monday, May 14, 2007

Icon: Syd Barrett

Yesterday I rummaged through my grandpa's 12 inch collection while dressed respectively like Ducky Dale. I brought home The Beatles, Prince, Mother Earth, James Taylor and The Rolling Stones among many other albums. The pops and cracks represent an era of real music lovers. The kind that drop their paychecks in record stores and listen to the same album for months. The people who study an album until they know it inside and out. Along with my appreciation for the past era's of rock n' roll I've developed my fascination with the timelessness of personal styles.

Inspired by my post about Patti Smith I dressed myself accordingly yesterday: dark tapered jeans, white peasant tank top, my granpa's teardrop peace sign neclace, black pointed shoes, old slouchy grey mens blazer(with the shoulder pads removed), my fedora hat from a tap dancing constume and black and gold horn rimmed vintage sunshades. I continue to be inspired by men with this hopefully iconic post about Syd Barrett. His style reflected his life as a radical musician who breathed, slept and ate music. His batik tops and scarves look is rather unisex and would be incomplete without his touseled, inky curls.

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molly said...

i loooove syd barrett
hes so crazy and fascinating and crazy fascinating

pray tell, which prince albums did you find at your grandfathers?

ItsAmy said...

Syd Barrett is a wacky favorite of mine too. Isn't it great that vinyl is so durable;)

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