Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Icon: Keith Richards

Keith Richards is the guitarist of one of the most prominent rock n' roll bands, the Rolling Stones, who have released 55 albmuns and are credited for being the original image of unkemtp youth. He also shines as an actor in a small part in Pirates of the Carribean III. He donned a frilly shirts and scarf around the waist look similar to his 60's fashion choices (but managed to look tough enough to have snorted his father's ashes). In the movie Keith had the most amazing dreads I've ever seen. They had beads and silver crosses peeking through the dark locks. Now I have to go put on the Emotional Resuce LP and dance out of my constriction.


molly said...

ahhh i love this post, and you made my day by posting a picture of him with anita pallenberg i just loove looking at her!

annabelle said...

i love his style

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