Monday, May 28, 2007

Morphine Generation

You know the kid who who takes refuge in the corner of a classroom using the head phones of their tape player as a shield from everyone? Or the kid who's always dressed like a black and white photograph with a camera forever around their neck, a book in their arms or haphazard Robert Smith makeup? Ever wonder where they get those awesome clothes? Look no further for Morphine Generation promises to clothe any hopeless romantic. Rocker Eric Hart of Suicide Club has managed to make me and every doomed lover who has a hankering for understated edge want every item he designs. Each collection has creepy victorian patterned dresses, tee shirts that look like they've been lived in and plenty hints of dandyism. There are many unique, minimalist details and quintessential peg jeans that come in white, grey and stormy blue with a carpenter strap. Overall, if Joy Division were downtown specialty shop instead of a band this would be it.
Eric calls the label Morphine Generation in reference to society because of "..people who are comfortably doped up on the superficiality and conventions of today's pop-culture."


Candid Cool said...

They had me at the racer back waist coat. I could start a collection...

The white jacket is beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

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