Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Icon: Jennifer Herrema

This stylish beauty always looks like she's ready to rock. Her babydoll face sunken behind a curtain of hair downplays her ferocity behind a microphone. She formed the band Royal Trux in 1985 with her then boyfriend Neil Hagerty and they rocked out together for eleven years. During that time they made many records that experimented with every realm of rock. Jennifer became a model for Calvin Klein and started a clothing line which reflected her years of customizing her own clothing. Her duct tape and fur adorned look screams Jennifer and is almost always accompanied by a shiny, big-as-Texas belt buckle. When they seaperated in 2001, band and relationship, Neil let her have the name Royal Trux which she transformed into RTX and continued her rock n' roll dream, but did it a bit louder this time. Neil formed Neil Hagerty and the Howling Hex. They play a sometimes funky, well infused trip hop, 60's and rock n' roll sound. Royal Trux, Howling Hex and RTX always fill my rock n' roll fix the same way Jennifer's radical style fills my fashion eye candy needs.

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Fabi said...

your blog is fabulous! I love every single topic, exchange links?

discothequechic said...

Thanks for your cool comment!
Your blog is really cool, its got a very rock n rolly feel to it!

I've never heard of Jennifer Herrema before, but judging from these pictures she has a pretty interesting style. The first few ictures remind me of Chloe Sevigny, who is my ultimate girl crush!

S xx

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

wow she is really kl i love her hair

Candid Cool said...

I am into the purple tunic

funnyface said...

u r one cool mutha...and i think u know it too.
hehehe tightest blog thus far

Danielle said...

Jennifer Herrema is cool. The text she wrote for Vice in 1999 is anthologic. Nice blog by the way

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

she does dress cool!! i saw them play live in Phoenix once. ;o)

luyi said...

The second photo rocks!

tiki t said...


Marianna Rossi said...

:)i did shoot the very first picture of here live on stage in this post.i've been exchaning email with Royal Trux Usa website's Roger DeForest for a while during my period of RTX obsession. its always nice to see that there are so many other people into it. If you want take a look at my blog here: /Ciao, Marianna

Marianna Rossi said...

the pic was taken in Rome. December 1999. One of their last shows ever

Anonymous said...



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ItsAmy said...

I can't stop listenig to Royal Trux. It's always good and you never get tired of 'em. Herema is my favorite rock-n-roller/model combo. Band crush.

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