Sunday, August 26, 2007

Icon: Guns n' Roses

Guns n' Roses were dirty rock star stylish as a collective (excluding Axl's wearing briefs on stage phase). Head scarves and cowboy boots were a must along with a slew of tatoos. One of them managed the snage the heart of model Stephanie Seymour with his bad boy looks and wrote the ode to hear "Sweet Child of Mine." During hair metal, mock rock era America Guns n' Roses put the testosterone back in rock n' roll with undenyable sleaze. It was loud, fast, and harbored the sexiness that can only come from a blues influence. That sound has lived on to shook my deffinition of rock as a thirteen-year-old. In one song they taught me what it really sounds like and years later I haven't looked back.
Axl's turbulent emotions ended many shows far too early because of his proclivity to walk off stage, but Slash was a trooper. At times he'd be so into playing (and probably intoxicated) that he wouldn't flinch when his cigarette fell from his lips, behind his guitar and into the waistband of his tight jeans. They lived the part as much as they looked it which led to their denimse. Now Axl sports corn rows but I'll never forget the way he rocked teased hair like no other in the "Welcome to the Jungle" video that shook my world.


WendyB said...

Axl was so hot back in the day! What has he done to himself? It's horrible :-(

Shorty said...

yea...i LOVE GNR but they are killing they self :-(

Mark said...

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