Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Obesity and Speed

They stole my heart in past seasons with they're teeth t-shirt and webby garments and haven't left my mind since. The MisShapes have been fans of Obesity and Speed for the past few years and look undeniably natural adorned in the disturbed clothing. I'm really excited about the Fall collection. They have a dark take on the plaid trend that sets them apart from other barnyard designs. The shirts are much less Jethro with hoods sewn into the collar and as soon as the wearers makes an exit your face to face with a mummy. Perfect paint splatters make an appearance in this collection as perfect drippings that add a cryptic effect, making the font look like tree branch claws. In contrast to the creepyness they have black and white dresses, some with braided detail, draped to delicate, grecian perfection. If you are forced to join the living these dresses are the way to go. But the fabulous t-shirts display creatures of night with writings such as "I walked with a zombie" and "The fear of death disturbs me." Nothing else would do on an Obesity and Speed shirt. Accompanied by the perfect gloves for strangling ..er.. driving (or revving up your bike) this collection looks absolutely appropriate for the Halloween season.

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Candid Cool said...

Those gloves are gems. Also beautiful braid detail on the white dress.

ps. I'm passing along the Rockin Girl Blogger torch to you. See either blog for details.


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