Sunday, January 4, 2009

Black Magic Woman

*click to see the whole picture
**edit: click here to see the images bigger

Shoot by Tiago Molinos by way of Lu Yi


Rene Schaller said...

i love the photos!

luyi said...

new header is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Excellent lighting, and new header! Also, I happily note the subtle intoduction of colour was a welcome change, from the trashy pink blogs I have been trawling through in order to find something worthy of note!Did you have a nce New Years Eve?

Susan said...

Sadly they won't get any bigger when I click, they're still amazing though.

luyi said...

sweetie, i 've replied your comment.


roxanne said...

third and fourth images - love.

Fashion, Travel, Music... said...

These are great. Hey you posted about Whitley Kros a while ago. Did you hear about their sale? I'm so into their stuff and just scored so thought you should know.

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