Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying to be Resourcful...

This is one of my favorite photos of Patti Smith. It was taken when she performed in the play "Cowboy Mouth." Perhaps it's a bit difficult to tell but upon close inspection I noticed that she used fabric scraps to patch up the holes in her jeans. Kurt cobain who was known for his threadbare and torn clothing wore jeans like this as well. Having holes in your clothes must not pleasant in the winter so I assume he got resourceful (or maybe Courtney did). I've been trying to be more resourceful myself. I haven't bought clothes in two months, which has required strength, but I haven't regretted my decisions. I'm attracted to garments similar to ones I've already got. During the closing months of last year I'd purchased new clothes that I could most certainly rock and returned them because I didn't feel that I needed them. I of course accept gifts but when it comes to purchasing things myself I feel that my music addiction has become more important.
A few years ago I actually ripped up a pair of jeans out of boredom (this can be a bad, bad idea) and haven't worn them since. I think I'll give the patched look a try.

These next two photos are from an i-D shoot. The jeans are patchworked from several pairs of Levis. A statement making pair indeed. And an example of resourfulness. I like to think that someone could take a couple pairs of jeans (or any items of clothing really) that each of different flaws and take the good out of them to make a wearable garment.

*Could someone i.d. the photographer for the above shot? It is one of my favorite photos. It truly captures a moment.

**^photo by Charles Peterson


Anonymous said...

My jeans tend to stay ripped, as do tee shirts , sweatshirts and shirts making me look a bit trampy. I love the Kurt Cobain photos, and it amazes me that so many musicians inspire so much style without even trying.

Luke said...

When I was 5 and learning to skateboard I constantly had my mom buying me jeans because half my "skating time" was spent on the floor. Then one day she finally exploded and yelled
"No-no-n0, I refuse to spend one more dime on you and jeans, here is a needle and go find a shirt that doesn't fit you" she was quite hysterical at the moment. So I wore this look for a while until I learned how to ride.

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

How do you stop yourself from buying the clothes? I need HELP HA! I try to stay away and then I get sucked back in. I have enough clothes to wear a diff outfit for 8 months prob. EEk. I do like the jeans you posted, esp the bottom ones.

Sunday said...

I think the last picture is by Charles Peterson.

Lovely blog btw. <3

Forsyth Harware & Home Center said...

yup, charles peterson.

Anonymous said...



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Abigail Bukai said...
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