Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Vibe" origin: 1965–70, Americanism; by shortening the word "Vibration"

I'm currently feeling a '70s vibe.

This song is a perfect fit.

Miss Glamourai is no doubt feeding this current fixation.
title information sourced from http://www.dictionary.com/


SnapandPrint said...

The fur coat is beyond gorgeous!

I am feeling a bit of 70s vbe fashionwise myself.

Robin said...

What a great coat!

Oh Led Zeppelin - after I saw a video of them in concert I immediately *needed* a men's black velvet suit. Though I believe Rob wore his shirtless...

Shay said...

my brain is not working these days, but after your comment today I realized I first saw that current/elliot collection while browsing your blog awhile ago! Couldn't remember where I'd seen it first... I've revised my post to mention that, and linked you in my sidebar too. Your blog is all kindsa awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love that whole feeling of past America. It seemed like such an incredible time, especially the summers. I can imagine myslef in that last outfit in particular. The jeans allow you to run, but the outfit still manages to look feminie.
Also trashy faux fur/across the forhead bands...mmm.

Philippa Snow said...

I always secretly wish for a decadent 1970s lifestyle. have you seen Performance? It makes me wish I lived the way Mick Jagger does at the start every time I see it.

Moira said...

The coat really fits her.
astonishing!!the glasses really fits her style, semi-old-school fashion, nut i think much better if you pair it with an Tiffany Sunglasses

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