Friday, August 12, 2011


Etsy is a place for adventrue.  For me, anyway.  I often type in something random, like "fairy" or "turquoise" just to see what I'll find.  Lately, I've been more specific.  My current Etsy oggling addiction is leggings. 

I used to be afraid of leggings.  The word leggings brings to mind neon colour schemes, stiff crimped hair, and TMI.  But upon asking for purple stockings one Christmas, I instead recieved purple leggings.  They're durable, yet decidely unpant-like form left me bewildered.  Over the years I have professed my love for jeans, and mere admiration for dresses.  But now leggings have become that important part of my wardrobe: an every day staple.  And the dresses are getting much more wear.

Leggings seemed to be only for the lean legged and statuesque, like Queen Michelle who wears them so well.  Through some styling trial and error I've found the perfect look for a petite, yet not boyish one like myself.

I have black, grey, camo, the red + white star spangled pair from H&M and even tie dye American Apparel pairs.  I prefere mine soft, yet thick enough to be worn with tunics and mini skirts.  Giant long band t-shirts with low slung belts work well, and fit my every day look.

Leggings' most appealing feature is one fashion no-no: comfort.  They are SO comfortable.  I can walk my dog, ride my bike, test the velocity of a stream, or go out for the night (or do all of those things in one day).  The best part, especially for the stressed, collegiate portion of the population, is that when styled simply but well they are comfortable.  No need for sweat pants.  No one will know that your actually schlepping it.

leggings and photos by xannabotx on ETSY

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